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Clocks Page

Latest update: November 2012

Fiordland Coastal Cleanup 2012 see the articles section, includes helicopter video of South West Fiordland.

Image Gallery Systems Changed.. more albums, improved system.. many more to be processed

Virtual Walk system design.. I have an idea.. it involves still photography and video..

Older "News Flash" archives & projects

New sections to be added include:

  • Project Pure
  • Responsible Aquarium Keeping.
  • Virtual Walks.. there are hundreds of photos in these directories I have yet to decide on the best layout solution & how many images to include for each.
  • Drysuits.. I have an agency for some drysuits accessories and undergarments.. custom made is an option.

Other site works pending:

  • Community Gardens Project Updates
  • News page changes
  • New home guided tour page alterations
  • Old youtube section to be replaced

I only wish I had tripped over the link below years ago.. what they are doing is truely awesome. Want a life aquatic.. achademic etc.. go there.. just go there anyway, these guys rock.












What is clickbelow all about?

It started purely by accident when Neki Patel asked me to help him revamp his website and they wanted a link back to me so clickbelow came to be.

Since then clickbelow has continued to evolve.. more coming.

Wallpapers have been moved into the gallery system.

Cam disabled.. I dont have it running often enough.



The above photo was taken in Rarotonga in Avaavarua Passage in approx 18 - 20m of water.. I wish I'd taken a few others similar, this is one of my favourites.. I was swimming in through the reef looking for black tip reef sharks.. we found a school of them in strong current where the crevice opens up several hundred meters on.

The image below is clickbelow's prefered wallpaper of 2008.. "clickbelow was here" right click & set as desktop background.. if it doesn't display correctly.. right click on your desktop under the "desktop tab" set to centre image.. I set my desktop colour to black.. the same if you want to use the "big crack" image above as wallpaper. The Lionfish is in a cave in Rarotonga I removed the background.