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Cook Island Divers, Rarotonga.. most of the photos taken in the Rarotonga Underwater section were taken on dives guided by these guys.. I can thoroughly recommend them as the premiere dive organization in Rarotonga.
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The Web Browser I recommend and use is Firefox, give it a try it will impress you and in my opinion is far superior for a variety of reasons.. support the free software open source community.. recently I am also using "Google Chrome".
Lakes Weekly Bulletin
Lakes Weekly Bulletin. These guys provide largely free advertising for the Wakatipu area. There is a small fee for commercial advertisers but I really like what they do for locals.
The Roast

The Roast.. Check this out.. Looking for truely fantastic Fast Food in Queenstown.. you wont beat this!

A meal fit for a "diver", when I dive I like to eat.. A LOT.

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